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Heart Attack

Heart Attack -The Eighties Are Back
Heart Attack -The Eighties Are Back

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I’m waiting here. I’m waiting for tomorrow.

Never look back. No heart attack.

Solid no fear. No feelings, no sorrow.

I won’t  look back. No heart attack.

I cannot stand it. I cannot stand it anymore.

Don’t understand it. You should have told me before

I’m sitting here. Still waiting for tomorrow.

Never look back. No heart attack.

So loud and clear. So brutal, so cruel.

I won’t look back. No heart attack

Yeah you could say. Yeah you could say I was wrong.

I cannot stand it. I thought I was strong.

There are times when I feel so wild and free but I know.

This feeling will go away. Tomorrow or today.

When I start to think of you.

Please don’t go.     Please don’t go

Here comes the future. Please get out of my way.

A brand new future. One that’s not here to stay.

⌨️ 🎤 🎸 🥁 🎹 “Heart Attack” written/composed/performed/recorded by André Levasseur in Rivière-du-loup, Québec, Canada. Mixed by Chris ‘Von Pimpenstein’ Carter at The Feisty Chicken, Silver Spring, MD